1. The “Everybody is done with everybody” Wedding

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    Cats Giving High Fives (Part 1)

    Previously: Animals Being Jerks (GIFs)

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  3. Captain America: The Winter Soldier premiere (3/13/2014, LA)

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    Jeremy Renner role appreciation - captured in gifs

    The Bourne Legacy

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    The kakapo is one of the rarest parrots in the world:

    It’s flightless
    It’s the world’s heaviest parrot
    It’s possibly the oldest living bird and
    It has a subsonic mating boom that can travel several kilometres

    it doesn’t even walk


    there is literally no other word for what this precious moss potato is doing

    precious moss potato


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    this one’s better

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    The new Guardians of the Galaxy trailer looks spectacular

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    The Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division

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  10. Photo: Marco Antonini


    The stunning Nasir al-mulk Mosque hides a gorgeous secret between the walls of its fairly traditional exterior: stepping inside is like walking into a kaleidoscope of colors. Every day, the rays of the early morning sun shine through colorful stained-glass windows, transforming the halls into a dazzling wonderland of rich hues, patterns, and light that play on the floor of the mosque.

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