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    The best kiss ever…

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  2. I just needed to get away for a little while.

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    OTP meme
            Ian and Mickey - sad moments

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    Still one of my favorite scenes in the movie. I can watch Loki getting smashed for HOURS.

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  5. This, all of this, is what coming out looks like. And this is what Mickey Milkovich’s relevance truly hinges on: not only an acknowledgment of the suffering and self-denial that is still a reality in the lives of many LGBTQ people; but the validation that coming out is not irrelevant or passé or an all-or-nothing game. No matter how small and unwhole these acts of disclosure may seem, they are still brave.

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  6. Jeremy Renner attends the Marvel Studios panel during Comic-Con International 2014 at San Diego Convention Center on July 26, 2014 in San Diego, California.

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  7. "Music was always a big factor. I think there’s rhythm and music in everything, including sports, stunts, and how we move. It’s a really big part of my life. There’s a lot of emotion. I make a playlist for every character that I get to play."

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  8. 1x10 | 4x11

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  10. And why do you love me?

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